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With Advanced Technology, TCL AC delivers cool and comfortable experience more quickly than before. TCL DC Inverter AC varies the rotation speed of the Compressor, providing a precise method of maintaining the set Temprature. The Temprature fluctuation is controlled within ±0.5°C.

TCL DC motor uses magnetic force to operate the compressor. This dramatically reduces the energy consumption compared to convention non-inverter motors. The DC inverter AC automatically slows down and operates at minimum suitable capacity after reaching the set Temprature.

We have Three Models in Air Conditioners. 3-Star, 5-Star, Inverter Based.

  TCL Residential Air Conditioners:

    YK Series

    3-Star Air Conditioner

    KD Series

    5-Star Air Conditioner

    LC Series

    Inverter Based Air Conditioner

  Air Conditioner Features: